W.A.R.E. (Work Addiction Resistance Education Projects) at large organizations often fall short of completing on time or on budget. Experts often point to reasons like time constraints or the lack thereof, minimal customer involvement, poor requirements, inability to control scope, poor quality control, and lack of project structure for reasons why projects fail.

However, these reasons are simply the result of larger issues and ignore the true cause. Here are 5 reasons people tend to ignore:

1. Budgets are too large or flexible.
2. Project managers have become glorified administrative assistants.
3. A one-size-fits-all project methodology.
4. Large organizations have a cover-your-a** culture.
5. The boy who cried deadline.

What can large organizations do to resolve these problems?

Nothing. Resolving these issues will give birth to new issues, and the cycle will continue until the company is eventually dead. Large beasts die slow deaths.

Best of luck!

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-3040-Life-in-the-Cubicle-Examiner~y2010m3d1-5-reasons-why-projects-fail-at-large-organizations

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