By Royce Cook, STC SoCenTx President
As the leaves change and the air becomes crisper, we’re excited to welcome you all back from your summer adventures. We hope you had a fantastic break and are feeling refreshed and ready to dive back into our STC community!

With the arrival of the fall season, we have an exciting lineup of programming in store for you. We’ve handpicked speakers and topics that promise to inspire, educate, and connect us all.

In October, we kick off our fall programming with a special presentation by Jack Molisani. Join us for “Get that Interview! How to Beat the Dreaded Applicant Tracking System.” Jack will share essential tips and strategies to help you successfully navigate the modern job market.

In November, we have the privilege of hosting Alan Porter, who will take us on a journey of discovery with his talk, “5 Things I Learned Writing CARS.” Alan’s insights are sure to be invaluable for anyone interested in the art of effective writing.

As we approach December, don’t miss the opportunity to attend Viqui Dill’s presentation, “Show up, Speak up, Shut up: How To be a Better Ally.” This thought-provoking session will explore the importance of allyship and how we can all contribute to making things more equitable.

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