Program Year Summary

by Doug Brown, Vice President of Volunteers & Recognition

Hard to believe, but another STC program year is again drawing to a close. It seems like yesterday we were attending the leadership transition meeting and working on those oh-so-fun budgets! But here we are and it’s time to look back and reflect on some of the great volunteer efforts that took place in 2007-08.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who participated in the areas about to be mentioned. You are the cogs that keep the machine running! STC is one big volunteer opportunity, and you just kept on coming this year, so thank YOU! In particular, the publications competition, newsletter, community outreach opportunities, and salary survey were areas where volunteers made the difference.

Competition Committee

The STC Houston Publications Competition was a huge success, not only in that the Houston chapter achieved crazy good scores for our own work, but that we gave Atlanta a fair shake on their submissions and provided invaluable constructive feedback. The Atlanta technical writing community is far better off for our efforts!

Newsletter Committee

This very newsletter was revived to give us all a fun, informative feel on the pulse of our local chapter. Many contributing writers and  steady stable of editors kept that effort going all year long.

Community Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee really reached out, but STC’s representation at the Girl Scouts Career Fair at the University of Houston really brought technical writing to the minds of the next generation. A dozen or so girls attended our breakout session, in which several professionals in the technical writing community shared their career perspectives. The parents definitely perked up when the girls were told, “Here’s a writing career in which you can actually make a living!”

Employment Committee

Finally, the Houston Salary Survey provided valuable feedback to all of us for estimating the value of our work and knowing how to price ourselves in the job market.

Plenty of opportunity is still available as we prepare to transition into 2008-09. Email me any time at and we’ll help you find the area that provides your particular brand of warm fuzzy. And for all the volunteers who already stepped up, be sure to plan to attend the June meeting for a fun night of volunteer appreciation, games and good times!

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