Recognizing Our Summer Volunteers

by Cindy Pao, Volunteer Recognition Manager, Strategic Advisor

The following individuals volunteered for STC Houston in July and August:

  • Cathy Bettoney: VP Outreach & Planning, Chapter planning
  • Melanie Boston: Dateline Houston Associate Editor
  • Jan Brantley: Membership committee manager; Dateline Houston Associate Editor; STC Houston Forum Moderator
  • Doug Brown: VP Volunteers & Recognition, Chapter planning
  • Robert Delwood: Webmaster; STC Houston Forum support
  • Jamie Diamandopoulos: Dateline Houston Associate Editor
  • Jessica Dickerson: VP Education & Programs, Chapter planning
  • Toby Drake: Programs planning
  • Martha Dutton: Scholarships Committee
  • Trena Erdelt: Chapter planning
  • Gary Foster: Employment Committee
  • Alyssa Fox: Executive Vice President, Chapter planning
  • Brian Galloway: Competitions
  • Julie Garrison: Competitions
  • Alise Hagan: President of Louisiana Satellite
  • Jeremy Hart: Competitions
  • Crystal Johnson: VP Member Services; Chapter planning
  • Linda King: President, Chapter planning
  • Meredith Kramer: VP Hospitality, Chapter planning
  • Dean Liscum: Employment Committee Manager
  • Jowell Lydon: VP Competitions, Chapter planning; Competitions
  • Paul Mueller: Programs Committee Advisor, Chapter planning, Region 5 Director
  • Elizabeth Navarro: Employment Committee
  • Debra Page: Secretary, Chapter planning
  • Cindy Pao: Volunteer Recognition Manager, Strategic Advisor
  • Rick Sanchez: VP Communications, Chapter planning
  • Yvonne Wade Sanchez: Dateline Houston Managing Editor; Programs Committee; Nomination Committee
  • Travis Shoemake: Treasurer, Chapter planning
  • Deborah Silvi: Historian; ECH representative
  • Anne Smith: Listserv Manager
  • Jennifer Smith: Scholarships Committee, Outgoing Treasurer
  • Rebecca Taylor: Dateline Houston WordPress Founder; PR Committee Manager, Immediate Past President, Chapter planning

Remember, STC Houston is your professional community. With your help, it just gets better and better.

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