Opportunties to Serve the Community

by Cathy Bettoney, Vice President of Outreach and Planning

Volunteers Needed to Assist with Student Resumes

We have finally found a venue for helping with résumés. Saturday, March 29, the Girl Scouts will be holding their annual Career & Tech Fair at Unversity of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering. We have offered to make a presentation twice during their morning session on résumé writing and job interview skills. Melinda Gaskill, Program Manager, suggests that this presentation include a PowerPoint introduction and last about 45 minutes. This would be interactive with the girls actually working on résumés and asking questions. We may provide handouts and résumé templates. The Girl Scouts will be junior and senior high school level and interested in both applying for jobs and filling out college applications.

Also during that morning session, there is a group of professional career booths. We would need a couple of people to man a booth for Technical Writing as a Career. There will be a number of booths for the girls to visit and ask questions of business professionals in the various careers.

In the afternoon there will be panel discussions with other career professionals; the audience will be encouraged to ask questions. We will need people for the panel.

Please email me at outreach@stc-houston.org if you can help in any way so that Ms. Gaskill can plan the program.

Committee Manager Needed

We need a committee manager to organize volunteer opportunities for community service. For example, English teachers in the public high schools could use assistance with student journals and newsletters. You could offer to do a one-shot workshop or meet with students on a regular basis to offer help with journals, blogs and newsletters. The main hurdle here is to contact the teachers and discuss their needs. One Lone Writer describes her personal experience:

“Two years ago, there was a kid in the class who loved to write but didn’t think he could make a living at it. With 20 years of professional writing experience, I was the first living breathing proof that he’d met that you can make a living as a writer.”

If you are willing to help, but need assistance contacting people, send me (outreach@stc-houston.org) the name of the high school nearest you and I’ll research it.

Magazines Needed

Keep those periodicals coming! The Seafarer’s Center appreciates our contributions, and would also welcome books.

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