Renew Your Community Pride

by Cindy Pao, Technical Writer

The list of community volunteers for February usually includes a few names that are either new or who haven’t been around for a while. I think that working on the banquet is one of the reasons! I think another reason could be that the new year brings out the best in all of us. Maybe you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to increase your knowledge, or maybe you’ve just paid your dues renewal and want to find out what you’ve been missing.
No matter what the reason for volunteering, your contributions do not go unnoticed! Several of the activities that STC Houston has accomplished this year will be listed on the Geographic Community Achievement Award application. When the STC Board reviews our application, I have no doubt that we’ll win another Geographic Community Achievement Award.

Thank you, February volunteers, for your dedication to the Community!
Cathy Bettoney
Melanie Boston
Jan Brantley
Doug Brown
Robert Delwood
Jamie Diamandopoulos
Jessica Dickerson
Martha Dutton
Gary Foster
Alyssa Fox
Erika Frensley
Brian Galloway
Julie Garrison
Alise Hagan
Jeremy Hart
Ann Jennings
Crystal Johnson
Eric Johnson
Linda King
Meredith Kramer
Alice Lee
Dean Liscum
Deborah Long
Jowell Lydon
Elizabeth Navarro
Debra Page
Cindy Pao
Aimee Roundtree
Rick Sanchez
Yvonne Wade Sanchez
Barbara Shepherd
Deborah Silvi
Jennifer Smith
Anne Smith
Rebecca Taylor
Scott Thibaut
Kelly Wheeler

Let the spirit of these great volunteers infect you, too! STC Houston has many opportunities, and one of them is right for you!
To find out more about volunteer opportunities, contact Doug Brown.

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