Who Did That? An STC Houston Volunteer!

by Cindy Pao, Technical Writer

The month of September was a great month for STC Houston. Our award-winning newsletter, Dateline Houston, made its triumphant comeback, competition season kicked off, and STC held an Academic Summit in Houston.

Thanks to these folks for “falling” into place!

Dateline Houston volunteers

Managing Editor: Yvonne Wade Sanchez
Associate Editors: Melanie Boston, Jan Brantley, and Jamie Diamandopoulos
Article Authors: Stephen Blakesley, Linda King, Jowell Lydon, Paul Mueller, Cathy Bettoney, Jeff Staples, and Jessica Dickerson

Committee volunteers

Membership Committee: Jan Brantley (manager)
Scholarships Committee: Martha Dutton, Cindy Pao, and Jennifer Smith (manager)
Employment Committee: Gary Foster, Elizabeth Navarro, and Dean Liscum(manager)
Registrars: Terry Lambert and John Turner
Volunteer Recognition Manager and Strategic Advisor: Cindy Pao
Historian and ECH Representative: Deborah Silvi

Website volunteers

Forum Moderators: Jan Brantley, Robert Delwood, and Rick Sanchez (manager)
Webmasters: Robert Delwood and Rick Sanchez (manager)

Programs volunteers

Meeting speaker: Jack Molisani

Competitions volunteers

Packing and shipping entries: Jeremy Hart and Doug Brown

Leadership volunteers

President of Louisiana Satellite: Alise Hagan
STC Academic Summit: Ann Jennings, Linda Oestreich, Jeff Staples, Paul Mueller, and Cindy Pao
Region 5 Director: Paul Mueller
STC Director: Jeff Staples
STC President: Linda Oestreich
STC Houston President: Linda King
STC Houston Executive Vice President: Alyssa Fox
STC Houston Secretary: Debra Page
STC Houston Treasurer: Travis Shoemake
STC Houston Immediate Past President: Rebecca Taylor
STC Houston VP Outreach & Planning: Cathy Bettoney
STC Houston VP Volunteers & Recognition: Doug Brown
STC Houston VP Education & Programs: Jessica Dickerson
STC Houston VP Member Services: Crystal Johnson
STC Houston VP Hospitality: Meredith Kramer
STC Houston VP Competitions: Jowell Lydon
STC Houston VP Communications: Rick Sanchez

STC Houston continues to be one of the strongest professional communities in STC. Take charge of your career and get involved!

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