Be a Judge and Expand Your Mind; Write and Expand Your Portfolio

by Cindy Pao, Technical Writer

October and November were busy months for STC Houston volunteers, with competitions and the newsletter bringing in the most volunteers.

Thank you to these volunteers:
Veronica Acevedo, Competitions
Cathy Bettoney, Newsletter
Jana Bily, Newsletter
Melanie Boston, Newsletter
Wendy Bovee, Competitions
Jan Brantley, Membership Committee and Newsletter
Doug Brown, Competitions
Marcus Bryant, Competitions
Kevin Chou, Competitions
Cynthia Claxton, Competitions
Robert Delwood, Newsletter
Jamie Diamandopoulos, Newsletter
Jessica Dickerson, Competitions and Newsletter
Martha Dutton, Scholarship Committee
Gary Foster, Employment Committee
Erika Frensley, Competitions
Brian Galloway, Competitions
Julie Garrison, Competitions
Alise Hagan, Louisiana Satellite
Jeremy Hart, Competitions
Kim Hart, Competitions
Crystal Johnson, Competitions
Linda King, Newsletter
Meredith Kramer, Hospitality and Competitions
Alice Lee, Student Liaison Manager
Dean Liscum, Employment Committee and Newsletter
Paul Mueller, Newsletter
Robert Nagle, Competitions
Elizabeth Navarro, Competitions and Employment Committee
Cindy Pao, Competitions, Scholarship Committee, and Newsletter
Susan Park, Competitions
David Richards, Competitions
Sandra Rybarczyk, Competitions
Maureen Sahualla, Competitions
Rick Sanchez, Competitions
Yvonne Wade Sanchez, Newsletter
Caleb Schmidt, Competitions
Deborah Silvi, Historian
Jennifer Smith, Scholarship Committee
John Turner, Registrar
Lee Turner, Competitions
Rose Walker, Competitions
Denise Wenner, Competitions
Jocelyn Williams, Competitions

The STC Houston program year is almost half over. Have you volunteered yet? What a terrific way to network, learn something new, and further your career!

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, contact Doug Brown.

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