By Cindy Pao, President

The Admin Council of STC Houston is made up of Cindy Pao, Erika Guerra, Julie Garrison, Rachel Thompson, Evalyn Shea, George Slaughter, and Jowell Lydon.

We meet almost monthly to conduct chapter business and plan future events.

In September, the council approved the minutes from our previous meeting, read through the chapter financial report, and reviewed action items. During the roundtable discussion we talked about the following topics:

  • social media strategy
  • job descriptions
  • budgeting
  • website
  • joint meetings with other professional organizations

The council did not meet in October.

In November, the council approved meeting minutes, read through the financial statement, and reviewed action items (just like we did in September).

We reviewed the proposed 2014 budget and voted to approve it. This approved budget is due to the STC office in November if we want to receive our funding. Next year’s budget forecasts six program meetings, an end-of-the-year celebration, and two workshops.

During our roundtable discussion, we again talked about our social-media strategy, as well as where to eat dinner after the November program meeting, our active member program, and where to have a holiday celebration in December. Pretty heady stuff, eh?

We devoted some time to discussing the new Community Achievement Award application. The application has been simplified, but still weighs in at 18 pages with no information in it. Cindy and Rachel will complete our application, and the admin council and committee leaders will review it before we submit it in January, 2014.


When I write my monthly columns, I like to ask for feedback:

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