It’s December, and the STC South-Central Texas chapter has many fun things planned. Here’s what’s going on this month:

  • Christmas Cards — The chapter is spreading holiday cheer by sending out Christmas cards! To receive yours, be sure to send us your mailing address here.
  • SoCenTx Virtual Holiday Gathering — Join us for a fun and entertaining holiday social. We’re playing games and mingling from 6:30 and 8:00 pm Central Time. Register here.
  • RoboHelp Workshop Series — Join facilitator Cindy Pao in this four-part workshop series as she guides us in learning how to use RoboHelp – from creating a project to setting up flowcharts and hotspots. Register here.
  • STC Membership Renewals — It’s time to renew your STC Membership! We hope you will renew and continue to grow with us. Renew here.
  • Request for Articles and Reviews — We’re always excited to feature work by our community members. If you have an interesting article or review to share, please send it here.

Book Review

This month’s review comes from Noel Atzmiller, one of our council members, on Proof Positive by Karen L. Anderson.

Sometimes, a person can find valuable information in a vintage document. Proof Positive is a prime example of this. The author, Karen Anderson, provides tips, cautions, and guidelines to increase a proofreader’s skills. Among these tips are practical answers to crucial questions that a proofreader must know, such as:

  • How can a proofreader resolve disputes over a language issue?
  • Where will a proofreader find the most errors in documents?
  • How can a proofreader do a good job when there is too little time before the deadline?

Proof Positive also provides quick explanations of correct grammar and a review of punctuation guidelines, but the author goes beyond a stodgy recitation of rules. Anderson lists 20 clever techniques to help the proofreader identify oversight errors made by the author. Advice on avoiding the entrance of poor verbal habits into documents is also provided by the author.

Throughout the document, Anderson conveys encouragement to the proofreader. This feature and the numerous tips and guidelines make Proof Perfect a valuable reference for anyone proofreading for the first time or for the five-thousandth time.

This book is available on Amazon. Check it out here!

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