By Cindy Pao, President, STC Houston

At the November program meeting, I started the STC Moment. This is a small portion of the program meeting where I want the meeting participants to talk about the chapter and STC.

For this first moment, I shared STC’s mission and vision, and the mission of STC Houston.

STC Organization STC Houston

STC advances the practice and theory of technical communications and promotes the value of technical communicators globally.


To promote excellence in the art and science of technical communications.


Technical communication is recognized globally as an essential part of every organization’s competitive strategy.


Currently, there isn’t one. We’ll all need to work together to correct that situation.

The Starting Point

The article, “How to Make a Mission Statement” by an eHow Contributor, says that a mission statement should answer the question, “What is the point?”
For this time, tell me what you think is the point of STC Houston. To get the conversation started, here’s my answer:

  • The point of STC Houston is to help technical communicators do their jobs.

What do you say?


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2 thoughts on “STC Houston: Mission and Vision, Another Conversation

  1. Part of a technical communicator’s job is keeping employed. STC Houston is valuable there.

  2. I like short and sweet. We would just need to flesh out what it means for us to help technical communicators to do their jobs.

    I think “technical communication” would be more appropriate than “technical communications” in the top right row.

    The vision of an organization comes from the leadership. It’s based on seeing the needs of the community, and looking ahead to how the organization can best meet those needs.

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