Gear Up for Career Kudos!

As our economy continues to lag, communicators must find new ways to show corporate value and gain recognition for superior work. How wonderful is it that our very own organization of technical peers knows just how to help us boost our corporate value? From recognizing and celebrating excellence in our field, to learning through judging other’s work, to gaining valuable feedback from respected colleagues, the benefits of participating in the STC Houston 2011-2012 Competition are numerous!

The proof of those benefits is evident in the number of repeat entrants and judges that we have from year to year. All have great things to say about their experiences with the competition!

STC 2011 Competition Theme

There are only two weeks until our Call for Entries ends and you lose your opportunity to participate! The time to enter is today! Review your work from the past year, and look at our various categories for the competition. (More details on competition rules and category examples are here.)

Competition categories include the following:

  • Training Materials
  • Informational Materials
  • Promotional Materials
  • User Support Materials

Entries, entry forms, and entry fees must be received by October 17, 2010 (or bring them to the October 18th program meeting!) Enter online and pay online, drop off your entry, or send it by mail. It couldn’t be easier!

Spread the word to your work peers and challenge them to enter with you! Don’t forget, top winners qualify to enter themselves in the STC Summit Awards at the international level. In an era where job stability is not always something we can take for granted, an STC award sure would look nice on your desk, wouldn’t it?


Email us at: We can wait to see what you’ve been working on, STC Houston!

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