The 2024 Miniconference has a varied slate of presentations and presenters. Take a peek at the slate of awesome presenters coming your way!

Note: Scheduling and presentation titles may change before the conference. Please check back for the latest updates.


  • 8:30 – 8:50am MiniConference Startup
  • 9am – 9:50am Teaching Technical Writing to Engineers – What Works? – Noel Atzmiller
  • 10:00am – 10:50am Get Schooled on Writing for Education – Kristine Fielding
  • 11:00am – 11:50am ContentEx: Empowering Technical Content – Addison Kliewer
  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm – Lunch/networking
  • 1:00pm – 1:50pm  – GIT that Doc! – Erika Frensley
  • 2:00pm – 2:50pm Deciphering Job Descriptions in TechComm – Royce Cook
  • 3:00pm – 3:15pm Conference Wrap-up

Teaching Technical Writing to Engineers – What Works?

Noel Atzmiller

Teaching technical writing to engineers can be challenging. These highly intelligent individuals require an approach that goes beyond grammar rules and guidelines. Training session content and techniques must focus on the engineers’ common characteristics. Experiences from leading multiple training sessions to engineers and their feedback have revealed some lessons learned to facilitate this approach. These lessons are applicable in technical writing training sessions for many documents.

About the Presenter

Noel Atzmiller began his 38-year career in technical communications in the petrochemical engineering and construction industry. In his career he has written and edited documents for many industries including natural gas transmission, I.T. and oil/gas. Noel has also authored several articles that have been published in corporate and oil/gas trade publications. In 2010, he was awarded the Best of Show at the STC International Communication Summit in Dallas, Texas. His award-winning document chronicled the first 75 years of Baker Atlas, a previous division of Baker Hughes.

Noel recently concluded his 13-year career at Baker Hughes (BH), where he held the position of Manager, Technical Publications. In this position he helped BH engineers and technical staff by providing many services including document editing and training in writing conference abstracts and papers.

Noel is continuing his career in technical communications by working part-time at various companies.

Breaking into Education Writing

Kristine Fielding

Since COVID, more writers and teachers are finding opportunities to write for various fields in education: lesson plans, assessments, teacher’s manuals, blogs, and articles. Kristine has written all of these, and will share her own samples, strategies, and resources for breaking into writing for education.

About the Presenter

After serving 10+ years in education and writing in and for education, Kristine has pivoted to a non-political, non-threatening position in insurance. No, she doesn’t sell it, but she can explain the difference between additional insured and named insured on commercial policies in a concise manner.

ContentEx: Empowering Technical Content

Addison Kliewer

Tired of clunky workflows and fighting for attention? The Content Experience Design reimagines the world for technical content creators, focusing on YOU. Inspired by the movements of Developer Experience (DevEx) and User Experience (UX), this session dives into practical strategies to elevate your content creation process and reexamine yourself in the pilot chair.

About the Presenter

Addison is a technical writer at FieldRoutes. Hailing from Austin, Texas, he is passionate about breaking down silos and creating bridges between different technical communication communities.

GIT that Doc!

Erika Frensley

Wondering what to do when your developers tell you to commit that doc, or push it to a repo? What are they talking about?

GIT is a software code repository system, and if you’re writing in the software industry, you may be asked to add your documentation to the repository. This presentation will teach you the basics of GIT, including GIT methodology and common commands.

About the Presenter

Erika Frensley has been a technical writer for 30 years in the software, oil and gas, and medical fields. Currently she is working as the main technical writer at Bluware, Inc, using MadCap Flare to keep projects in line. She has been active with the STC Houston and STC South Central Chapter for many years, serving on the Admin Council in various positions including President of the STC Houston and STC South Central Chapter.

Deciphering Job Descriptions in TechComm

Royce Cook

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the world of technical communication? Whether you’re a college student or considering a career change, I’m here to help you land your dream content development job!

Job postings can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the field. I specialize in deciphering job descriptions and identifying transferable skills that will make you a top candidate. Whether you’re a recent graduate or transitioning from another career, I’ll help you understand what employers are looking for and tailor your application to highlight your strengths.

My approach is straightforward and effective. I’ll guide you in analyzing job postings, identifying your existing skills, and presenting them in a way that grabs hiring managers’ attention. With my help, you’ll gain the confidence and clarity to navigate the job market easily.

About the Presenter

Royce Cook is a skilled Technical Writer at DocuSign, based in Houston, Texas. She’s also the president of the Society for Technical Communication’s South-Central Texas chapter and writes newsletter articles for Write the Docs.

Royce earned a Master of Science in Technical Communication with Distinction and a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication with a concentration in UX, both from Arizona State University.

She gained valuable experience through internships at Google, Dropbox, TikTok, Lyft, IBM, Nokia, DocuSign, and Tesla.

With her expertise and dedication to advancing technical communication, Royce is a sought-after communicator and mentor in the industry.

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