It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time to renew your membership. We know 2020 was difficult, and renewing your membership might be low on your list of priorities in 2021, but we hope you continue to support and participate in your local STC chapter. We’re not giving up on you, so we hope you don’t give up on us. 

Click here for more information and to renew STC Membership.


We would also like to inform you about a raffle we are hosting. We want to give back, so we are using funds from membership dues we have collected in the past to send one professional member and one student member to the 2021 STC Summit, June 5-9.

Go here to enter the raffle. 


The STC Summit offers panels, webinars, knowledge-sharing, and networking with your technical communicator peers. Find out more about current technology by talking with the exhibitors, or attend a presentation about a new technique.

  • Saturday, June 5—Sunday, 6 June: over a dozen Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Monday, 7 June—Wednesday, 9 June: over 80 Education Sessions

STC SoCenTx chapter members in good standing are eligible to enter the raffle. All entries will be collected, and a random number generator will select the winning entry. We’ll ask you to submit a review of the summit in June for posting on the website. One entry per person, please.

Stay healthy and safe!

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