Presented by Jamye Sagan

At Hogwarts, the school where Harry Potter and his friends study magic, we witness several examples of instruction in action. Each of these instructors has important lessons to share with us regarding effective instructional design and training delivery.

In this presentation, we will profile several Hogwarts instructors, and analyze the effectiveness of their lesson delivery. Within the lens of each professor profile, we will share more practical tips on tackling common training issues, as well as provide some real-life (aka Muggle) training examples.

By the end of the presentation, you will have even more tools to confidently tackle many basic training requests.

Even if you have neither read the Harry Potter books nor watched the movies, you can still learn something from the Hogwarts instructors.

About our speaker

As the Pharmacy Communication Advisor for H-E-B, Jamye helps design training programs and materials for various projects and initiatives in the pharmacy department. She also manages communications between the corporate office and the store pharmacies. An STC Associate Fellow, Jamye volunteers with the Instructional Design & Learning SIG as Treasurer. Jamye also belongs to several other SIGs as well as the South Central Texas chapter. She also volunteers at the Society level. When not making “sense out of the seemingly senseless” in the tech comm world, Jamye enjoys knitting. She lives in San Antonio, TX.  

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