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How to: Writing with Evernote on mobile devices

(James Kendrick | ZDNet  |November 5, 2013)

I regularly use laptops and tablets for my writing projects, and they cross all platforms. Being platform agnostic makes it important to have writing tools that work on all OSes, and Evernote is great for that reason, among others.

Evernote is a note-taking app on steroids, and in addition to having a web interface it also has apps on iOS, Android, and Windows 8. These apps are free, as is the basic level of service that backs them up.

At its core, Evernote has a rich text editor which on its own can be used as a writing platform. Notes taken in any of the Evernote interfaces are instantly synced to the cloud, making notes accessible no matter the platform or device being used.

Typical writing projects consist of four stages: idea capture, research, writing, and publication. Evernote plays a big role in the first three, and most of my writing projects are done in Evernote.

Idea Capture

I have an Evernote notebook for story ideas, and no matter where I am when inspiration for an article occurs to me I tap a button in Evernote and enter the thought.

This idea capture isn’t restricted to just text entry. Sometimes I grab my Android phone and snap a photo right into Evernote, or record audio notes using my phone that go into Evernote. A thought can be spoken in seconds that turns into a lot of text in the writing stage. I also get inspiration by reading about a topic on the web and at those times I paste the hyperlink right in a note.


Good articles require research. This happens outside of Evernote but it’s captured in a note that can be links, images, or snippets of text.

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