By Cindy Pao, Immediate Past President

It was a good turnout for the first networking meeting, on a Tuesday night. In all, 17 people gathered at Pappasito’s Cantina. Everyone chatted. Many ate. Some indulged in margaritas!

Fifteen of us waited for a mystery guest . . .

 The mystery guest was Melanie Flanders, visiting home from China. She came to the meeting on one of her final days in town!

We also had a visitor from Austin, who is searching for a new opportunity in Houston. Welcome to Houston, Steve (shown to Melanie’s left)!

After dinner, we divided the room into teams and played trivia. Team Taco – made up of Evalyn Shea, Ann Blankinship, and George Slaughter – won the round by giving the group an awesome list of reference books.

Words of Review

In this Organizer’s opinion, the evening was a success. We’re planning another meeting for December where we can talk shop, dine, and have a gift exchange (optional).

If you have any suggestions for the networking meetings, send me an email at

October Networking Meeting
October Networking Meeting
Denise Wenner, Steve (from Austin) and Melanie Flanders


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