Communicate and Replicate: Stay Tuned for STC’s Upcoming Membership Campaign

Reprint of content from the September Issue of Tieline.

Watch for the big kickoff of STC’s upcoming “member-get-a-member” campaign, also known as “Communicate and Replicate.” Beginning October 15, as an STC member, you will get the chance to help create a stronger Society and shape the future of technical communicators.

The campaign’s success depends on you! Here’s a chance to open your Rolodex and contact your business partners and colleagues who are not members of STC. There have been huge changes in STC in the past year, and it is time for all of us to “tell our powerful story.”

Unlike other years, this campaign will offer as recognition fantastic prizes to the top recruiters–both chapters and individuals. The more you recruit, the bigger the prizes and the more powerful STC will become. For example, how would you like a free registration to the Technical Communication Summit, to be held June 14, 2008, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? It’s a win, win, win situation!

For more information about recruiting new STC members or the Communicate and Replicate campaign, please contact Jan Brantley, STC Houston Membership Manager, at

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