Special virtual meetup with both Texas-area STC chapters: North Texas Lone Star and South Central Texas

About this event

The STC membership renewal season has officially begun! As we ponder our 2023 membership renewal options, we thought September would be perfect to highlight the membership benefits of the two STC chapters geographically based in Texas:

  • North Texas Lone Star (North Texas area, including Dallas/Fort Worth)
  • South Central Texas (Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas)

What will happen during our meeting time?

  • Meet the leaders from both chapters
  • Learn about special program offerings from the North Texas Lone Star chapter
  • Learn about special program offerings from the South Central Texas chapter
  • Time to meet up and catch up

Come join us – this evening’s event is FREE for all STC members. You don’t have to live in Texas to be part of a Texas chapter. If you can’t attend, register anyway! We will record the first part of the meeting – the part with the member benefits info. We won’t record our informal chat afterwards, so attendees can feel free to share.

We are proud to partner with the Lone Star chapter on this webinar!

Time and Date: Tue, September 20, 2022, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

Click here to register!

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