STC Houston Elections for 2008–2009

by Cindy Pao, Technical Writer

STC Houston elections for 2008–2009 will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2008, at the regular Community meeting.
STC Houston Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 5, state:

“Officers shall be elected by a majority of Chapter members voting, in person or by proxy. If no majority is obtained on the first ballot for an office, a second ballot is taken to decide by plurality among the two or more candidates who received the greatest number of votes on the preceding ballot, or to decide ties. Vice Presidents shall be elected by a plurality of the votes case, in person or by proxy.  If a tie occurs, additional ballots are cast to decide the winner.

“To be valid, a proxy transferring the voting privilege of one voting member to another must be signed by the member who grants the proxy and must be presented to the tellers committee before the ballots are cast. A proxy authorizing another member to vote in person for the absent member shall be honored on every ballot. A proxy designating a specific candidate shall be honored only on the first ballot for any office.

“The tellers committee is responsible for determining the validity of votes cast (including proxies), for counting the votes, and for announcing the election results.”


The Nominating Committee of Deborah Long, Cindy Pao, and Deborah Silvi nominates the following candidates:
President: Paul Mueller
Executive Vice President: Jowell Lydon
Secretary: Debra Page
Treasurer: Alyssa Fox
Vice Presidents (STC Houston elects seven): Cathy Bettoney, Martha Dutton, Crystal Johnson, Meredith Kramer, Elizabeth Navarro, Marlowe Wakeman, and Rick Sanchez.

For Immediate Past President, a voting member of the Administrative Council, Linda King will take this role.

 To read a biography of each candidate, go to the elections page.


If you cannot attend the meeting on April 8, you can download the proxy and print a proxy ballot and mail it to STC Houston, as directed on the proxy ballot. To access the proxy ballot, go to the elections page.

Contact Us

If you want to make a nomination or have questions about the election, contact Deborah Long, Cindy Pao, or Deborah Silvi.

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