Revitalizing Our Chapter

by Linda King, STC Houston President

Hard as it is to imagine, it is already mid-year, so it’s time to begin planning for the future. I’m in search of folks interested and willing to help shape the future direction of our organization by participating in one or more activities critical to the health of the chapter.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for developing a slate of candidates to run for STC Houston leadership positions in the upcoming spring election. In the next couple of months, working primarily by phone, this committee will reach out to chapter members to explain the many opportunities, the responsibilities, and the duties of various leadership positions. This committee’s job is to identify members who are interested in standing for election or for participating in another way. Committee members will receive coaching and written materials for reference in soliciting candidates.

Candidates for Office

Like every other organization, STC Houston needs a continuous infusion of new ideas and talents to remain a vibrant, up-to-date community that offers significant value to its members. Accepting a leadership role (whether as an officer, Administrative Council member, or committee manager) is a terrific opportunity for building new skills, stretching yourself professionally, meeting great people, and feeling a real part of the organization―all in a nonthreatening environment. (Translation: You can take risks and your job won’t hang in the balance!) Please let me or another Council member know if you would even entertain the idea so that we can explain the possibilities and how simple and personally rewarding it can be.

Strategic Planning

Our existing strategic plan is now out of date and out of sync with the Society’s strategic planning and decisions. It is time to take a hard look at how we can better meet the current and changing needs of our membership. This is an opportunity for interested members to help determine the future of our organization. The Strategic Planning Committee needs participants at all of these levels: brainstorming what our strategy should be going forward, putting those ideas into words, reviewing drafts, and providing constructive criticism. Please contact me for more information about this process and to volunteer your help.

STC Houston Bylaws

Every few years the chapter needs to review the existing bylaws and determine whether any changes are needed. The bylaws committee will review and make recommendations to the Administrative Council on what kinds of changes, if any, should be made to reflect the current needs and operation of the chapter. Folks who enjoy working on policies and procedures or editing to get wording just right are a natural fit for this activity and will learn lots about the organization in the process. Contact me or another Administrative Council member if you are interested in participating.


Don’t miss out on great growth opportunities because of mistaken ideas about what may be involved. Most volunteer opportunities within STC Houston require far less time and effort than you probably imagine; but they can add significantly to your skill set, your personal and professional network, and the value you gain from your membership.

When an Administrative Council member or Nominating Committee member approaches you, listen, ask numerous questions, and then talk to people who have previously held leadership roles. Regardless of any time or resource limitations you may have, the value you gain from your membership is in direct proportion to your level of participation, and there are volunteer roles that will work for you. Contact me, other Administrative Council members, or the Nominating Committee to ask any questions you may have. Our contact information is available on the STC Houston website at

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