yvonne.jpg  Dateline Houston Is Back

by Yvonne Wade Sanchez, Managing Editor of Dateline Houston

For this year’s first issue of Dateline Houston, I thought it would be useful to describe what kind of work we do to produce this newsletter. We have a team of people who work every month in specific roles.

Managing Editor

The managing editor is responsible for overseeing the production of the newsletter, and this year you’ll notice that we’ve moved to the blog format.

Associate Editors

We currently have three very talented and dedicated copy editors: Melanie Boston, Jamie Diamandopoulos, and Jan Brantley. Each month, they review every submission.


No newsletter would be successful without authors! STC Houston is lucky to have a large pool of knowledgeable and passionate writers just waiting to be found. There are so many of you that I can’t find you all on my own, so please don’t be shy about introducing yourself to me.

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