Expand your network, build skills, and strengthen your resume.    

STC South Central Texas Elections are beginning, and we’re looking for leaders who want to develop their skills. Your service:

  • Helps you get ahead in a competitive profession.
  • Helps to build a stronger professional community.
  • Helps you broaden your contacts in the community.
  • Helps you develop your leadership and technical skills.

Volunteers will serve from August 2024 to July 2025. July and August tend to be quiet months as many members are on vacation and focused on time with their families. From September through June, STC South Central Texas provides an active calendar of events.

We’re looking for nominations for the following offices: 

Directors can adopt projects or duties, including:

The opportunities are limitless as you become an integral part of the STC South Central Texas chapter. Whether you have an occasional half hour or lots of free time, you can easily become a valued STC mover and shaker

We want fresh, new ideas for ways to improve our chapter. Do you have a suggestion or idea for a new approach or a new activity? Can you help organize a new activity for our members, or would you like to help with one of our current programs? We want to hear from you and to help you get involved. Together, we can continue to make STC South Central Texas an industry-leading organization.

Would you like to serve on the Admin Council? Contact Royce Cook (president@stc-socentx.org) if you are interested.

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