The Website committee manages the chapter website, which conforms to STC International policy.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Manage the chapter website. Information on this site must follow the STC international policy:
    • Do not place a member’s address, telephone number, or Internet address online without written permission from the member (all committee managers and chapter officers give their permission).
    • Do not place information online for which the chapter charges, without permission from the chapter Board.
    • Do not place international information online, such as information from Intercom, without permission from the Society Executive Director.
  • Oversee the updating of the website with chapter information, and make sure the site conforms to Board-established formats and the Society’s policy. The webmaster either places all information online or instructs other committee managers on how to do so.
  • Update the following information before the first program meeting of the year in September:
    • Committee and officer descriptions
    • Committee and officer contact names and email addresses
    • Monthly program meeting place, dates, and times
  • Update the following information, as necessary:
    • Seminar or workshop meeting places, dates, and times
    • Corporate sponsor information
    • Volunteer opportunity information
  • Maintain chapter email aliases.
  • Manage chapter web host account and DNS host account.
  • Periodically write newsletter articles about the website for the newsletter.

General Responsibilities

  • Acknowledge team for their work.
  • Coach team on resolving issues.
  • Give the Volunteer Name Collector information about your committees’ volunteers for recognition, Society awards and nominations, and for future chapter officer candidates. If you can, assist in the write-up of recognition articles and award/nomination forms.
  • Prepare a budget of expenses and income.
  • Provide monthly activity updates to the Director.
  • Serve team by eliminating barriers to productivity.

Resources Needed

  • Committee Members
  • Access to a computer and the Internet
  • Access to email

Meeting Availability

  • As many regular program meetings as possible
  • Initial Board meetings during budget discussion and approval, if possible
  • Board meetings whenever the agenda includes topics relating to your committee