The Vice President acts as the leader of the chapter and has the following goals:

  • To represent and assist in leading the chapter
  • To act as the administrator of the chapter if the President is unavailable
  • To work with the other members of the Admin Council to complete activities and projects

Specific Responsibilities

  • Maintain regular communication with the President to assist in leading the community.
  • Work with the President to support the other officers and volunteers in resolving breakdowns in chapter operations.
  • Attend Admin Council meetings, contributing your ideas and thoughts and voting as needed.
  • Preside at Admin Council meetings, chapter meetings, and other chapter events in the absence of the President.
  • Manage a specific chapter committee or project. Work with the President to determine the project or committee.
  • As requested, assist the Directors and committee managers to plan and complete chapter activities.
  • Help complete the application for the Community Achievement Award (CAA).
  • Consult with the President and nominating committee about officer nominations for the next year.
  • Begin planning your year as President, if applicable, after elections are held:
    • Suggest possible committee managers and volunteers for other positions. Help recruit committee managers.
    • Suggest possible programs and activities.
    • Create the agenda for the Leadership Transition meeting.
    • Develop a project plan for the activities that you want to accomplish during the next year.
  • Try to attend the STC Summit (annual conference) including the leadership program and other STC business sessions or social events.
    Try to learn more about STC and its communities, meet the STC community and Board leaders, and find out about the services available to communities. Encourage your incoming Admin Council members and committee managers to attend the leadership program.
  • Order the President’s plaque so that it can be presented to the outgoing President at the last program meeting. Plan for and make the presentation.

General Responsibilities

  • Acknowledge volunteers for their work.
  • Coach volunteers on resolving issues.
  • Give the volunteer manager information about your committees’ volunteers for recognition, Society awards and nominations, and for future chapter officer candidates. If you can, assist in the write-up of recognition articles and award and nomination forms.
  • Assist the treasurer as needed to prepare the budget.
  • Provide monthly activity updates to the Admin Council.
  • Help committees by eliminating barriers to productivity.

Resources Needed

  • Ability to spend time on chapter work throughout the year, sometimes during business hours
  • Committee managers and members
  • Computer system to store chapter data
  • A computer with Internet access

Meeting Availability

  • As many regular chapter functions as possible
  • Admin Council meetings
  • Committee meetings, if necessary
  • Leadership Transition meeting