The office of Vice President is an optional office. The Vice President acts as a leader of the chapter and has the following goals:

  • To represent and assist in leading the chapter
  • To act as the administrator of the chapter if the President is unavailable
  • To work with the other members of the Admin Council to complete activities and projects

Specific Responsibilities

  • Maintain regular communication with the President to assist in leading the community.
  • Work with the President to support the other officers and volunteers in resolving breakdowns in chapter operations.
  • Attend Admin Council meetings, contributing your ideas and thoughts and voting as needed.
  • Preside at Admin Council meetings, chapter meetings, and oher chapter events in the absence of the President.
  • Manage a specific chapter committee or project. Work with the President to determine the project or committee.
  • As requested, assist the Directors and committee managers to plan and complete chapter activities.
  • Help complete the application for the Community Achievement Award (CAA).
  • Consult with the President and nominating committee about officer nominations for the next year.
  • Begin planning your year as President, if applicable, after elections are held:
    • Suggest possible committee managers and volunteers for other positions. Help recruit committee managers.
    • Suggest possible programs and activities.
    • Create the agenda for the Leadership Transition meeting.
    • Develop a project plan for the activities that you want to accomplish during the next year.