The Secretary is responsible for maintaining documents that the Administrative Council uses, including

  • Admin Council meeting minutes
  • Admin Council leadership directory

Specific Responsibilities

  • Take the minutes of Admin Council meetings. If you cannot attend an Admin Council meeting, notify the President and make arrangements for someone to record the minutes.
  • Before each Admin Council meeting, post or email the previous month’s Admin Council meeting minutes to officers, directors, and appropriate committee managers.
  • Keep the chapter’s files of past meeting minutes.
  • Help the chapter Historian record and store the chapter’s historical information.
  • As needed, email the chapter’s stationery template to officers, directors, and committee managers.
  • Create a Leadership Directory with officer, director, and committee manager names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Distribute to the Admin Council and update as needed.
  • Provide new leadership names, email addresses, and committee information to the Webmaster. Notify the Webmaster of changes throughout the year.

General Responsibilities

  • Assist the treasurer as needed to prepare the budget.
  • If managing a team of volunteers
    • Acknowledge team for its work.
    • Coach team on resolving issues.
    • Give the volunteer manager information about your committees’ volunteers for recognition, Society awards and nominations, and for future chapter officer candidates. If you can, assist in the write-up of recognition articles and award/nomination forms.
    • Serve team by eliminating barriers to productivity.
  • Provide monthly activity updates to the Admin Council if applicable.

Resources Needed

  • Ability to spend time on chapter work throughout the year, sometimes during business hours
  • Computer system to store chapter data
  • A computer with Internet access

Meeting Availability

  • As many regular program meetings as possible
  • Admin Council meetings
  • Committee meetings, if necessary
  • Leadership Transition meeting, especially if transitioning out of position