The Membership Manager works with the chapter’s new and existing members to answer membership questions about STC, assists with renewing memberships, passes along savings on memberships offered by the society office, and lets existing members know when their membership needs to be renewed. In addition, the Membership Manager helps fill out many sections of the Community Achievement Award (CAA) form, working in conjunction with the President.

The Membership Manager can also recruit a committee to perform membership roles throughout the year. However, in recent years, only one person has held this role.

General Responsibilities

  • Complete Monthly Membership Tasks
  • Hold New Member Lunches
  • Facilitate Spotlight Member Mentorship Program
  • Conduct Other Membership Activities and Provide Member Incentives

Specific Responsibilities

Monthly Membership Tasks

  • Announce special membership offerings by the society office through email, social media, and speaking at the program meetings.
  • Review the Community Achievement Award application form throughout the year and provide information to the President about membership activities. Save all membership emails sent out both to visitors, new members, renewing members, or past members as these are used for the CAA application.
  • Provide the Treasurer with a budget of expenses and income for any membership events or activities.
  • Provide information to the chapter webmaster, the social media/publicity volunteers, and the newsletter editor about membership activities, reminders, and offerings.
  • Generate a monthly membership report from the Community Reports on This report lists new and transferred members and changes of addresses. Use this information to welcome new members to the chapter, remind members whose memberships are lapsing, and have an overall idea of membership numbers to report to the Admin Council or President.
  • Provide chapter and STC brochures and STC applications at chapter meetings.
  • Periodically check with SIG managers, student committee manager, and satellite group managers to make sure they have an adequate supply of STC publications and forms.
  • Reorder brochures from the Society office as needed.
  • Conduct a Demographic membership survey every few years and report to the Admin Council and the membership what the results were from the survey.
  • Assist the President with calling or emailing visitors to meetings to answer any questions about STC.
  • Call or email new members to welcome them and answer questions.
  • Call or email lapsing (or recently lapsed) members to remind them to renew.

New Member Lunches

  • Organize one or two new member luncheons during the year to welcome new members. This luncheon is generally a “pay on your own” event. If you want the chapter to pay for the luncheon, prepare a proposal and present it to the Admin Council for approval.
  • Invite one or two members of the Admin Council to speak at the luncheon about being a member of STC Houston.
  • Send a letter or email to members who have joined since the last luncheon.
  • Invite the Admin Council to attend the luncheon.
  • Encourage the committee to attend new member luncheons or other new member events.

NOTE: As of 2014, the Community Achievement Award application form specifies that chapters must host TWO new member activities a year to be able to claim the activity in the membership section of the award application.

Spotlight Member Mentorship Program

  • Facilitate a new program that matches area students with a Senior-Level Member of STC Houston. The students interview the member and write an article for the newsletter about the member. The details of this program are specified in the document, STC Spotlight.
  • Request the Admin Council nominate one Senior-Level member every few months to be featured with a Spotlight Article.
  • Notify the Senior-Level member and make sure they want to participate. Explain the benefits to the member.
  • Contact area college professors and the Student Liaison representative on the Admin Council to get the names of students nominated to participate in the program.
  • Answer any questions and act as a point of contact for the student and member, as well as with the Newsletter Editor.
  • Edit or ask the Newsletter Editor to edit and provide feedback to the student on their article.
  • Publicize the Spotlight Member Mentorship program to the membership and submit details of the program for our Community Achievement Award application each year.

Other Membership Ideas

  • Write a monthly column for the newsletter about new and transferred members.
  • Conduct drives and contests to increase membership and to entice inactive members to participate.
  • Contact other chapter membership volunteers to find out what activities have helped improve their membership numbers.

Resources Needed

  • A computer with internet access for emailing members and looking up member information.
  • Access to the, including log-in credentials to the My STC section (which contains the community reports section for generating membership reports).
  • Chapter stationery (optional)
  • Access to word-processing software, a computer, and printer
  • Access to the STC Houston email list and social media, if possible

Meeting Availability

  • As many regular program meetings and chapter functions as possible
  • First Board meetings during budget discussion and approval
  • Board meetings whenever the agenda includes topics relating to your committee