The Historian maintains the historical files of the chapter.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Keep materials produced by the chapter throughout the year. For example, workshop brochures and publicity flyers. Make sure these materials are included with the items in chapter storage.
  • Document chapter achievements through the year. For example, awards won.
  • Keep the history files organized.
  • Provide historical information to members as needed. For example, all the newsletter awards won by the chapter over the years.
  • Periodically, write articles for the newsletter about the history of the chapter.

General Responsibilities

  • Acknowledge team for its work.
  • Coach team on resolving issues.
  • Give the volunteer manager information about your committees’ volunteers for recognition, Society awards and nominations, and for future chapter officer candidates. If you can, assist in the write-up of recognition articles and award/nomination forms.
  • Serve team by eliminating barriers to productivity.

Resources Needed

  • Committee members as needed
  • Access to store historical information.
  • Computer system to store archive data.
  • Access to a computer and email

Meeting Availability

  • As many regular program meetings as possible
  • First Administrative Council meetings during budget discussion and approval.
  • Admin Council meetings (or communicate via email) whenever the agenda includes topics relating to your committee
  • Leadership Transition meeting, especially if transitioning out of position