The Employment Manager provides employment information to technical communicators seeking jobs, prospective technical communicators seeking to enter the field, and employers looking for candidates to fill openings.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Post job opportunities to the STC Houston Now Hiring web page.
  • Handle inquiries by email and in person from job seekers.
  • Handle inquiries by email from companies searching for technical communicators.
  • Provide counsel on the job search.
  • Provide information about technical communication and job opportunities to people outside of, but interested in, the field.
  • Complete an end-of-year report (with input from all of the Admin Council) that includes an updated list of vendors, list of chapter software, and other chapter information that the incoming President will need to know.

General Responsibilities

  • Work with the Admin Council to prepare the budget.
  • If applicable, acknowledge committee volunteers for their work.
  • If applicable, give the volunteer manager information about your committee’s volunteers for recognition, Society awards and nominations, and for future chapter officer candidates. If you can, assist in the write-up of recognition articles and award and nomination forms.

Optional Responsibilities

  • Maintain a list of companies that hire technical communicators. Assist the webmaster in keeping this list up to date on the web site.
  • Provide advice to companies seeking candidates.
  • Refer member job seekers to the Consulting/Independent Contracting SIG, as appropriate.
  • Conduct a written career and salary survey of members every two years, and prepare a report of the results. Distribute copies of the report at chapter meetings and prepare a graphical representation for the newsletter.
  • Speak to other organizations, such as college classes, on résumé writing and the job search, as requested. If you can, assist the chapter in staffing STC booths at job fairs.
  • Maintain contact with the international STC employment committee and employment committees in other chapters and local organizations.
  • Maintain accurate records of the companies that request employment services, as well as each service request.
  • If possible, keep statistical records on inquiries and placements of communicators into jobs.
  • Write newsletter articles about these records and the services of the committee.
  • Assist job seekers and companies with job postings to the website and contact the webmaster for assistance with technical issues if they arise.

Resources Needed

  • A computer with Internet access for posting jobs to the job board, and for emailing candidates and companies
  • Where possible, committee members for newsletter articles, salary survey, and presentations to other organizations

Meeting Availability

  • As many regular program meetings as possible
  • Admin Council meetings (or communicate via email) whenever the agenda includes topics relating to your committee
  • Leadership Transition meeting, especially if transitioning out of position