The Email List Manager maintains the chapter’s email distribution list and reviews messages sent to the list.


The STC Houston email list is a restricted membership group currently hosted on Yahoo Groups. The name of the email list is STCHouston-L. Attachments are not permitted on the list, and members cannot hide their email addresses. Membership, as well as messages from new members, require approval.

Specific Responsibilities

  • New subscribers will send you email requesting membership. Review email requests for membership and, if approved, approve the request in the Yahoo Group (instructions are provided in the request email).
  • Review emails from new subscribers and approve or reject as needed (instructions are provided in the request email).
  • Decide how much to monitor and moderate list postings.
    • If you set up ground rules for posting messages, ensure that the ground rules work; set new rules as the need arises.
    • You might have to moderate flame wars or remove unsavory messages such as ads and spam.
    • If you choose to moderate the list, you will have to spend some time dealing with negative messages. The process is straightforward: Warn anyone posting offending messages that the person will be removed from the list. If the person continues to abuse the list, remove the person.
  • Publicize the email list. Write a newsletter article about the email list, including information about the purpose of the list and how to join. Make an announcement about the email list at the program meetings.
  • Complete an end-of-year report (with input from all of the Admin Council) that includes an updated list of vendors, list of chapter software, and other chapter information that the incoming President will need to know.

General Responsibilities

  • Provide monthly activity updates to the Admin Council.

Resources Needed

  • Committee members as needed
  • Access to a computer and email

Meeting Availability

  • As many regular program meetings as possible
  • Admin Council meetings (or communicate via email) whenever the agenda includes topics relating to your committee
  • Leadership Transition meeting, especially if transitioning out of position