Committee Description

Currently, STC Houston shares the responsibility of competition co-host, so a volunteer from the Admin Council works with members of the other chapters and also manages the local Competitions Committee.

Regardless of which role the STC Houston Competitions volunteer assumes, report all competitions-related details to the Admin Council on a regular basis.

Competitions Committee Roles

At the beginning of each competition cycle the outgoing Competitions Chair schedules a meeting to recap the previous competition and determine new volunteers for existing roles. Volunteers from the any of the chapters may assume any of the following roles; the roles may also be shared by co-managers.

  • Competition Chair
  • Entries Manager
  • Judging Manager
  • Publicity Manager
  • Awards Manager

Competitions Committee Responsibilities

At the beginning of each competition cycle, outgoing committee managers provide new committee managers with a list of responsibilities and any helpful feedback.

The following descriptions are general in nature and provide an idea of the tasks each position entails. Depending on the number of committee members, tasks may be shared or can vary.

Competition Chair

  • Set the dates for the entry submission deadline, the judging party, and the banquet, allowing time to mail eligible winning entries to the international competition before their deadline.
  • With the Admin Council, set entry fees for chapter members, STC members, non-members, students, and companies.
  • Submit information to the Society office about the competitions.
  • Communicate summary competition information to the chapter email list, SIG and satellite group email lists, and other email lists.
  • Submit eligible winning entries, with appropriate fees, to the international STC competitions.
  • With other committee members, select a location for the awards banquet and coordinate related activities such as negotiating the cost of the banquet (request the president’s signature on the contract) and displaying winning entries.
  • Prepare a budget of expenses and income.

Entries Manager

  • With the webmaster or other volunteer, create or update a database and form for submitting competition entries.
  • Coordinate activities related to receiving and distributing entries for judging.
  • Coordinate receipt of entries submitted in hard copy and electronic formats.
  • Assist Competitions Chair as required.

Judging Manager

  • Recruit judging team leaders and team members.
  • Form teams of judges.
  • Assign judging team numbers.
  • Schedule a judging consensus meeting.
  • At the judging consensus meeting, have the judges choose Best of Show winners from among the entries receiving Distinguished awards.
  • Return judged entries.
  • Assist Competitions Chair as required.

Publicity Manager

  • Coordinate the design, printing, and distribution of the following collateral:
    • Call for Entries
    • Banquet Invitations
    • Banquet Program
  • Post calls for entries to social media and other chapter web sites.
  • Send calls for entries to the following:
    • Last year’s entrants
    • Community members
    • Guests from chapter meetings
    • Members of other communities in STC
    • Other people interested in STC
    • Members of local, related professional organizations
  • Assist with coordination and publication of winners’ roadshow.
  • Assist Competitions Chair as required.

Awards Manager

  • Purchase certificates and frames for awards.
  • Inform entrants of results.
  • Assist with planning of the awards banquet.
  • Distribute award certificates.
  • Supply winning entries for winners’ roadshow.
  • Coordinate storage of winning entries.
  • Assist Competitions Chair as required.