If you’re looking for a way to increase your professional visibility, please note that STC Houston is looking for a Corporate Sponsorship Manager and Historian.

Corporate Sponsorship Manager Responsibilities include:

  • Manager and recruit committee members
  • Develop and maintain a list of potential corporate sponsors
  • Create and maintain a package of information for potential corporate sponsors (sponsors that want to provide financial assistance or sponsorship for a specific event (party, meeting, workshop) or sponsors that might provide meeting space)
  • Present certificates or letters of appreciation to corporate sponsors.

Historian responsibilities include:

  • Create and maintain web pages containing the chapter’s history, based on the chapter history document
  • Research and write up missing chapter history information
  • Keep material produced by the chapter throughout the year; for example, the chapter brochure and press releases

On a personal note, I took on the role as the STC Social Media Manager this year. It’s a new role that involves managing the STC Houston Facebook page, STC Houston Twitter acct, STC Houston Pinterest boards, and STC Houston Newsletter (WordPress blog). Unfortunately, I will be unable to perform these duties next program year, so if you are interested in becoming the STC Houston Social Media Manager, let me know. You’ll receive free training and lots of opportunities to hone your SM skills.

Professional Visibility

And if you think I was joking about increasing your professional visibility, comment on this post, and I’ll send you a copy of my personal cover letter as an example.   My cover letter (along with my education and work experience) has opened many doors–thanks to STC Houston.


Yvonne Wade Sanchez
STC Houston Social Media/Newsletter Manager

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