Venue and Time Change for Holiday Party!

Because of venue changes, the Holiday party has been rescheduled to begin at 1pm on December 9 at Tommy Bahamas. The new time is 1pm to 3pm.

We will be supplying all food and drinks in a private room (alcoholic drinks will be purchased at the bar) so you won’t need to order separate entrees. And the book swap will be still happening! And we have more tickets available!

However, because of these venue changes, we are forced to ask for payment for the party. We are asking for 20.00, payable via cash, check, or Zelle, to help cover these unexpected expenses. We will collect the payment at the party. 

STC SoCenTx is sorry to spring this on you, but this was a surprise to us as well. We hope to see everyone there, and we are committed to making sure you enjoy yourselves!

Sign up here:

I can’t wait to see everyone December 9!

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