By Cindy Pao, Volunteer Coordinator (and President)

To keep your chapter running like the efficient and well-tuned machine that it is takes people. Often, people need help so as not to burn out and turn their backs on the very thing they’ve been helping.

This call for help – a help wanted post, if you will – is directed specifically at you. I might not call you directly by name, but I’m still talking to you.

Competitions: Manage Houston’s participation in annual competitions as general manager. We also need a judging manager and might need an entries manager.

Networking Lunches: Set up and lead a networking lunch in your area. Right now, we have only one networking lunch. It’s a good one, but not everyone can go to the Galleria. Be a Networking Lunch Manager.

After-Hours Networking: Do you miss the networking dinners? Then you are just the right person to be our After-Hours Networking Event Manager. You can have it when you like, where you like.

Process Documentation: Help document the processes the chapter follows to get things done. Interview subject matter experts. Write documentation. Post the documents to the chapter website. Add pieces to your portfolio.

Job Description Editor: This is your chance to red-pen someone else! Take our old job descriptions and turn them from long and frightening to short and sweet.

Programs: Select meeting speakers and topics. Find technical communication rock stars to put on workshops for us. Write letters and thank-you notes. Buy our speakers dinner (optional).

Surveys: Write, administer, and analyze a survey (one or more) for the chapter. We need to get a grip on our demographics and find out why almost no one posts comments to the president’s newsletter posts.

Webinars: Select webinar speakers and topics. Set the dates and times of the webinars. Advertise the webinars. Attend the webinars, probably for free.

Community Service: Help get STC Houston’s name out there by setting up service projects where we can lend a hand. You get to advertise the projects and sign folks up, too.

Something Completely Different: If there’s something that you think the chapter should do, but we’re not, you can get it going! Tell me what you want to do and what resources you need, and I’ll talk with the admin council to get it going. You have to actually do it, though.

Sign Me up!

“But, Cindy,” you say, “I want to help! How do I help?”

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I promise: I’ll respond, and I won’t laugh.

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