Happy Anniversary to Us!

By Cindy Pao, President, STC Houston

Tuesday, November 12, was the final night of the chapter’s anniversary celebration. In what can only be described as a super weekend, we held three events to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Leadership Workshop

Recipe: Take four members of the admin council, mix in four or five brave volunteers, and put them all in a room for 2 ½ hours.

Result: A leadership workshop led by Linda Oestreich.

Background: Some years ago (I don’t know how many now), STC encouraged chapters to hold leadership workshops; there was a line on the Chapter Achievement Award (CAA) for holding a leadership workshop. That means I’ve attended a workshop or two in my STC career. I wondered what I could learn at this one. Certainly, I must know it all (insert laugh here).

What I learned: I don’t know all that I should know to help me make STC Houston a better chapter, both as a resource for Houston-area technical communicators and as one part of STC as a whole.

In the coming months, I want STC Houston’s leaders to review and update the chapter’s mission statement and also write a vision statement. These statements need to address how STC Houston provides value for technical communicators. I also hope to look at our old strategic plan and update it – or rewrite it – so that we have a plan for now and the future.

Pictured below (from left): Linda Oestreich, Gem Smith, Jowell Lydon, Lindsey White, Stephanie Donovan, Abla Ould-Saidia, Juanita Wilson, Julie Garrison

50th Anniversary Party

If you are married or in a committed relationship, you know that anniversaries are important milestones. The anniversaries of our relationships remind us about commitment to each other. STC Houston’s 50th anniversary is a milestone of this community’s commitment to promoting technical communication and its benefits to all of the industries it touches.

This anniversary also symbolizes a commitment that we have made to each other – to furthering our own careers and to helping others further their careers.

We celebrated this milestone with a dinner party at Carmelo’s, and 21 people attended. With no formal program, we all visited and shared memories about “the old days.” We missed a few people, so maybe we’ll have another celebration in 2013!

Ask anyone about the food. It was delicious! Ah, the tiramisu…

Pictured below:

1st Row (seated, left to right): Erika Frensley, Doris Beetem, Julie Garrison, Julia Land, Cindy Pao, Linda Oestreich, Gem Smith, George Bettoney

2nd Row (left to right): Alyssa Fox, Jowell Lydon, Jennifer Smith, Stephanie Donovan, Melody Locke, Janette Sexton, Jim Hunt, Cathy Bettoney, Jessica Dickerson, Lindsey White

3rd Row (left to right): Ryan Bernard, Jonathan Stirneman, Paul Mueller

November Meeting

The last event of the anniversary celebration was our November meeting. Linda Oestreich, STC Fellow and former STC President, gave an abbreviated version of her Technical Editing Fundamentals certificate class. She handed out a sheet of possible topics, and then led a conversation where the meeting attendees asked questions about how to handle different editing situations. Linda taught us about creating a style sheet for an editing project, an idea I put into play that week for one of my project.

Before Linda started her talk, I gave an STC Houston Moment where we talked about STC’s mission and vision, STC Houston’s mission, and the chapter’s initiatives for 2012. I’ll be presenting an STC Houston moment at all of our chapter meetings now, and I hope everyone will participate in that conversation. This is your chance to help define STC Houston’s future.

Keep in Touch

If you want to make your voice heard, send me an e-mail! I need to know what you feel is the mission and vision of STC Houston and what initiatives we can take in 2013 to help you become a better technical communicator.

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