by Erika Frensley, Immediate Past President

Why I Value STC Membership:

When I started my career as a technical communicator in the 1990s, I was unaware of any classes or programs specific to technical communication. I fell into technical writing and learned on the job. As soon as I learned about STC, I joined. STC was a lifeline for me. Whenever I didn’t know how or why something should be done for maximum impact, I asked fellow STC members at program meetings, lunches, and networking events, and I received not only answers but spirited discussions. The webinars that STC offers helped me learn new techniques and technologies. In addition, serving as a judge in the STC writing competitions exposed me to different content development approaches and allowed me to see high-quality content examples. Finally, serving on the STC Admin Council provided me with many leadership opportunities, and it allowed me to apply my planning, budgeting, organizing, and networking skills.

The current STC Admin Council has 60+ years of techcomm experience. If you ask a question at a meeting, you’ll get an answer from not only the presenter, but all the other members in attendance.

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