STC South Central Texas sympathizes with those affected by the formidable Hurricane Laura, which is the strongest on record to hit the coasts of Western Louisiana and North Houston. With heavy hearts we remind you that we feel for you, South Central Texas, and keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Volunteer editor Margaret Tipps brings you this month’s newsletter. Feel free to express any questions, comments or concerns in the comments.

Meeting: Value of Visual Content and a Simplified User Interface


September’s program meeting on September 8 teaches the professional how to use Simplified User Interface (SUI) when using visuals in an interface. This method keeps the user and the professional in mind to provide a easy-to-use and easy-to-produce experience in interface design. Research provided demonstrates the effectiveness of this method on visuals. Follow the link below for tickets:

Value of Visual Content and a Simplified User Interface

STC SoCenTx Admin Council 2020-2021 Election

STC SoCenTx held its annual election this year from July 17th- July 31st. Candidates running for Society for Technical Communication, South Central Chapter were as follows:

  • Lara Tellis for President
  • Jamye Sagan for Vice President
  • Trena Erdelt for Secretary
  • Jennifer Shumate for Treasurer
  • Yvonne Wade Sanchez for Director
  • Erika Frensley for Immediate Past President

To read a brief description about this year’s candidates follow the link below:

Candidates for 2020-2021 STC SoCenTx Admin Council

Semantic Interaction Design Lecture


Guest lecturer Professor Daniel Rosenberg presents Semantic Interaction Design as a efficient approach to UX that uses conceptual models and cognitive science to deliver a product of high initial quality, faster. Professor Rosenburg introduces his book, UX Magic, in the same presentation as the source material of this method.

You can contact Professor Rosenburg through his Facebook profile here.

You can read more about the event here.

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