jowell.jpg Call for Entries 

by Jowell Lydon, Vice President of Competitions

The world of technical communication is changing and evolving continuously. Is your work keeping up with these changes or even setting the pace? Entering the STC Houston 2007-2008 Competitions is your chance to find out. Submit your technical publications, online communication, or technical art for an unequaled opportunity to enhance your skills as a communications professional and develop your career. Gain recognition for yourself and your company for the quality of your work, and earn the respect of your peers.

Entering the annual STC Competitions brings you benefits like these:

  • Feel great knowing your work meets – or exceeds – standards set by your peers.
  • Get tips from our team of judges on how to improve your skills even more.
  • Stretch your capabilities and learn new technologies and strategies to make your work ground-breaking.
  • Show your manager, company, and potential employers how much value you add.
  • Earn international recognition if your entries are chosen to compete in the international competition.

You can also contribute to your profession and your peers by participating as a judge. Share the wealth of your knowledge and give others the opportunity to learn from your experience. To be a competitions judge, contact the Competitions committee at

For full details about the competition, including guidelines, instructions, and forms for submitting entries, visit the Competitions link on the STC Houston Chapter web site:

To compete, entries and entry fees must be received no later than September 12, 2007.

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