cathy-3.jpg Community Outreach

By Cathy Bettoney, Vice President of Outreach & Planning

Houston is a great city! STC-Houston is part of what makes it great. We have a powerful story to tell. One way to tell our story is by getting involved in the greater Houston community. How can we as technical writers serve our community? What do we technical writers do better than anyone else?

Here is a short list of possible projects:

  • Visit a battered women’s shelter and help with résumés and job applications.

  • Help with résumés and job applications at evening meetings of youth groups (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.).

  • Organize a used-book drive for places that need reading material (Seaman’s Center, nursing homes, etc.).

  • Be a guest speaker in a high school English class.

  • Grade papers for the Houston Science Fair technical-writing contest.

  • Come up with more ideas for community service.

We need a committee manager and volunteers for Community Service. If you have a dynamite idea for community service, contact Cathy Bettoney at

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