STC Elections are coming up, and our own Cindy Pao is an STC election candidate this year! She is running for the position of Director at Large of the STC. Here she in, in her own words:

Mission Statement for Cindy Pao, Candidate for Director of the Society for Technical Communication

I have held many positions in STC since I first volunteered in 2000.From my geographic chapter (Houston) to the SIGs (Academic and Instructional Design & Learning) to the Community Affairs Committee, I’ve done a lot. You should still ask me, though: Why are you running for Director?

I am running for Director at Large because I want STC to

  • Support its communities with the tools and information that encourage all technical communicators to become members: Because I have worked with chapter and SIG leaders,I feel that I am well-positioned to understand the challenges facing both the communities and STC.
  • Support its volunteers with opportunities to gain knowledge that enables them to serve: Because I have worked as a volunteer and as a supporter of volunteers, I understand why their perspectives are important.
  • Support its members with cutting-edge and exceptional education like the Summit, webinars, and online courses: Because the education I have received from STC has helped my career, I can make decisions that allow us to determine our own direction.

I will work to find solutions to the challenges that STC, its members, and its communities face. I will take what I have learned firsthand and make STC a stronger and more powerful voice for technical communicators.

I believe that STC needs to identify, work with, and recognize with the diverse situations of its members.I am a candidate who can do that.I can be the Director who brings people together to accomplish great things. By analyzing the power of its members’ talents, I can help STC make the right decisions about its strategic direction.

My vision for serving on the Board of Directors is

  • That STC helps its members learn the top methods and tools for producing the information people need
  • That STCmoves in a direction that helps its communities to serve their members and provide value
  • That STC encourages its volunteers to use their talents as well as technology to learn, provide more value, and advance their own careers

My mission is to serve everyone in some way. It’s a big mission, but it is not unattainable. By analyzing each situation and applying some technical-communication and project-management principles, I feel I can bring everyone together to accomplish a lot.

If you elect me Director, I will do my duty the best way I can.

Please visit my candidate page at You can also see the answers that the Director candidates have posted at (You must be logged in to see the forums). To learn more about me and my career in STC, go to

Remember to exercise your rights as a STC member by voting in the annual elections!

Cindy Pao

Candidate for Director

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