STC Houston to host Kelsey Ruger at the Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012 program meeting. Kelsey will discuss building mobile apps that reduce the need for help.

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Mobile technology has caused a tremendous shift in the way consumers and employees view and interact with their world. If you haven’t built a mobile app yet you probably will soon.  One of the challenges of mobile is designing apps that are easy to use and reduce the level of documentation you have to create to help users.  In fact, if you have to create a lot of help you should probably rethink your user experience. In this session, learn how to plan for and design apps that meet user needs by being usable, useful and desirable. Also find out why this makes the job of creating help easier, and in some cases eliminates it altogether.

About Our Speaker

Kelsey Ruger helps companies discover and cultivate inspiring ways to create experiences people love. The world moves at a rapid pace and he sees companies struggle daily to solve problems that are in a word – wicked. His job is to help them find the balance between design, technology and empathy to solve these problems, and produce results that people find meaningful and useful.

Even though he has spent most of his life building digital ‘things’ Kelsey has a profound love for all things analog. He sketches daily, use sticky notes like a mad man, and saying that he mourns the slow death of the bookstore is an understatement.

As Vice President of Design & Innovation for Houston-based ChaiONE, Kelsey designs and develops new forward looking products for ChaiONE and its customers.  He is particularly interested in the impact emerging technology can have on business and personal productivity.  Prior to ChaiONE, Kelsey spent the last decade as a developer, user experience designer, and manager in pursuit of his passion for creating solutions that people love. He has lent his expertise to projects with Prodigy, AT&T, Yahoo, Microsoft, Myspace, Invesco and a number of smaller start-ups.

A graduate of the University of Houston, Kelsey volunteers his time to several professional/community organizations such as C2 Creative, Houston Interactive Marketing Association, and the Westwood College Advisory Committee. Kelsey was recently named one of Houston’s Top 40 professionals under 40.

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