by Stephanie Donovan, STC-Houston President

Are you a cheater? Would you admit it, if you were? 

STC Vice-President Bernard Aschwanden thinks technical communicators can cheat with some of the tools we use every day on the job. In fact, he recommends that we all follow his cheat sheet when it comes to improving work efficiency. Actually, it’s not really cheating when you realize that these are features built right into the software we use. However, most people do not realize the power of these features and how to use them to their benefit at work.

Aschwanden presented an interesting and fast-paced talk to STC Houston members and visitors at our last program meeting, Tuesday, November 11th at the American Red Cross. His presentation spanned topics including ways to make features in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word work better for you, as well as some tips for Adobe Framemaker.

Saying his goal was that every person present go home with at least four new things they didn’t know before, all of those attending agreed by the end of the night that the presentation was chock-full of great time-saving tips!

In addition to the great information in his discussion, meeting attendees enjoyed the opportunity to ask the current STC Vice-President their questions about the society and what kind of things were in the works for the upcoming year.

What’s next up for our chapter? Be sure to join us for a fun December networking event. Let’s all take a break to have a little fun during the busiest month of the year.

STC Houston has more great programs in line for 2015, so if you haven’t connected with us this year, there is no time like the present!

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