On April 27, 2024 we’ll hold the 5th Annual MiniConference (virtually). But we need your help – we’re looking for presenters for the MiniConference.

The all-day MiniConference provides panels and workshops related to technical communication, including tools, methods, approaches, practical application, and introductions to new techniques and technologies in the technical communication arena. 

We are looking for presenters with important information to share about: 

  • Techniques for good communication
  • Tools and technologies for communicators
  • Best practices for communicators
  • Career advice for communicators
  • Using social media in tech comm
  • Instructional design
  • User experience
  • Editing
  • New developments in techcomm

…and anything else related to technical communication and for which you have expertise.

This MiniConference is a great place to obtain feedback for:

  • A national conference presentation 
  • A company success or case study
  • An academic research project 
  • A student presentation

Call for Proposals for 2024 is now closed!

Please email Erika Frensley at miniconference@stc-socentx.org if you have any questions.

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