STC Office and Board Candidates

by Ed Rutkowski, STC Publications Manager & Editor of Intercom

The annual STC election will be held in March and April, 2008, and only members who have paid their dues by February 28, 2008, will be eligible to vote. An option on the dues renewal forms and new membership applications for 2008 allows members to receive their ballots via e-mail. In March, members who selected this option will be e-mailed voting instructions. Members who did not select this option will receive their ballots by first-class mail.

Be sure to renew your membership by February 28 to have a say in STC’s future!

Office Candidate Candidate Biography URL Candidate Web Site URL
Second Vice President Michael A. Hughes
Larry Kunz
Secretary Sharon K. Garrity
Char James-Tanny
Directors Suzanne E. Guess
Rob B. Hanna
Hillary Hart
Judith M. Herr
Linda S. King
Rich Maggiani
Lisa Pappas
Garret H. Romaine
Nominating Committee Dia H. Burroughs
Carolyn Kelley Klinger
Carolyn Luttrell
Thea Teich

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